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Waiting to welcome you to Carunchio, Italy: Massimo Criscio and Joan McGee Qualls

Travel Unites Us - Joan and Massimo

Palazzo owner Massimo Criscio and travel advisor Joan McGee Qualls explore the culinary delights and lesser-known thrills that await you in Italy

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Family adventures await!


Family adventure specialist Jennifer Shanks shares her favorite experiences and expert advice—with the help of her 7-year-old daughter, Lavinia.

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United with Nicole Johnson, ICU nurse & wellness retreat host.

Travel Unites Us podcast - Nicole Johnson - ICU nurse & wellness retreat host

ICU nurse & wellness retreat host Nicole Johnson discusses the emotional toll of coronavirus on healthcare professionals and the importance of gratitude during the pandemic.

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Fleeing Lebanon as coronavirus closed the world’s borders

Travel Unites Us podcast - Alexandra Talty - Lebanon-based travel journalist

Alexandra Talty fled Lebanon as coronavirus containment closed the world's borders. She packed up her life in five hours and even had to leave her dog behind.

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Waiting to welcome you to Croatia

Travel Unites Us podcast - Vanja and Elinda Ravlić - AMCro Travel

Vanja and Elinda Ravlić are waiting to welcome you to Croatia and help you find the hidden gems that allow you to immerse yourself and get to know the people who live there.

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Exploring Africa with the only American female Safari Level 2 Field Guide

Travel Unites Us podcast - Jody Cole - Wild Rainbow African Safaris

Explore Africa with Jody Cole, the only American female Safari Level 2 Field Guide

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Rich & Aaron reflect on the first two weeks of Travel Unites Us

Travel Unites Us podcast - Cover art - Aaron Schlein and Rich D'Ambrosio

Listen in on a private conversation (broadcast live on Facebook) between Travel Unites Us co-creators Rich D'Ambrosio and Aaron Schlein.

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Live from North Carolina! Julia Matheson of Travel Julia’s Way

Travel Unites Us podcast - Julia Matheson of Travel Julia's Way

Journey to Paris, with Julia Matheson, owner of Travel Julia's Way, who has fallen in love with a city that for so many of us is the symbol of love.

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Live from Wuhan, China! World traveler Roger Dong

Travel Unites Us podcast - Roger Dong, world traveler -

Wuhan resident Roger Dong shares his experience with his family at the epicenter of the #COVID19 outbreak.

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Live from Connecticut! World traveler Jim Alkon

Travel Unites Us - World Traveler Jim Alkon

World traveler Jim Alkon discusses an incredible 2017 Safari to Africa.

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